Target Store Guide

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TargetStore Guide

Target is a great store for weekly shopping for foods, pet supplies, toiletries, household items and everything in between.   At Target you can “stack” coupons and even sign up for coupons to come directly to your call phone!

Do I need a loyalty card to shop at Target to obtain the most savings?

No!  Just shop…. (that was easy!)

How do I “stack” coupons at Target for additional savings?

Stacking is a great way to save money and it’s easy!  When you stack you use a Target store coupon along with a manufactures’ coupon on one item to double your savings (we love this about Target!)

How do I obtain Target store coupons?

You can get Target store coupons here.  Coupons are also sometimes in coupon inserts in your Sunday newspaper and once in a while you may find a Target Coupon in the weekly sale circular – usually a Target Pharmacy coupon.  You can also sign up for Target Electronic coupons that come to you via your cell phone – they call them “mobile coupons.”  Click here to sign up for mobile coupons with Target.  They are simple enough to use.  Just scroll through your in box and show the mobile coupon to the cashier at check out.  Target does put out some valuable mobile coupons that you can stack with a manufacturers coupon – the savings do add up!  Keep in mind that this is a FREE service however if you don’t have a plan for texting or inter-net alerts you may be charged market rates.  These coupons do not double and only 1 mobile coupon is allowed per item.

Can I use the Target Coupon for on-line shopping at

Usually you have to go to a store to make use of the Target coupon but occasionally Target does put out a coupon with an 8 digit code that may be used for on line shopping.

Help!  When I go onto the Target web site I noticed that the coupons don’t state before printing that they are Target Store coupons or manufacturer coupons – What do I do?

Unfortunately, Target has not changed this feature as of this time.  Keep an eye on our site and we’ll  try to let you know when a new Target coupon has been released so you don’t have to print it off first to figure out if it’s a Target coupon or not.

Can I use a Super Target coupon at a Target that is not a Super Target?

Yes you can – provided the Target carries that item.

Does Target accept competitor coupons, sorry.  We wish they would!

What is coupon overage?

Coupon overage is when you have a coupon that is higher than the cost of the item you are purchasing.  Target will not allow coupon overage.  The Target coupon policy states that they will reduce the price on the coupon if the coupon is valued higher than the price of the item you are purchasing however only once in the past year has Target reduced the price of my coupon!  So – be prepared to absorb coupon overage with other items in your shopping cart “just in case.”

What is the Target coupon policy?

Click here for “official” the Target coupon policy directly from their web site. (click the link and then look to the left and you’ll see then words Target Coupon Policy – click on that) The policy states that Target has the right to reduce the price of the coupon presented if the coupon is valued higher than the item.  Example:  You have a snuggle coupon for $3.00 – Snuggle at Target costs $2.89 so Target will reduce the price for the coupon to $2.89 so you will still get the item for FREE however you will not have coupon overage to go toward another item.  Some Target stores have new computers that reduce the coupons automatically at the register and some stores have to manually reduce the price of each coupon.  Keep a copy of the coupon policy with you in case your cashier is unaware of this option.  You can present the coupon policy and ask for someone to show him/her how to manually reduce the coupon so that you may still obtain the item for FREE! Target will accept a manufacturers’ coupon and a Target coupon unless either coupon prohibit the use.

Target Stores Coupon Policy (a cut and pase from the web site)

Coupons are a great way to save even more when shopping with us, and it’s easy to use them at our stores.

•    Target accepts one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon for the same item (unless prohibited)
•    Super Target coupons can be used in any Target store if the store carries the item
•    We gladly accept valid internet coupons

Because of the variety of coupons available to our guests, we do have some guidelines for how coupons can be redeemed at Target.

When accepting coupons, we use the following guidelines:

•    We accept two kinds of coupons: Target-issued coupons and manufacturer-issued.
•    We’ll accept one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same item, unless either coupon prohibits it.
•    Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied.
•    We can’t give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item.
•    We can’t accept coupons from other retailers, or coupons for products not carried in our stores.
•    All valid coupons should be presented to the cashier while you’re checking out.

Does Target offer any charity to our community?

Yes!  We have taken advantage of this before and it’s a great way to attend FREE or cheap family events!  Click here to type in a major city near you and you’ll be able to see a list of events in your area.  Our favorite in the FREE admission to live events at the Washington D.C. Kennedy Center and the discount admission to the Philadelphia Please touch Museum.  Admission to the Please Touch Museum is regularly $15.00 per person and with the Target grant it is only $2.00 per person the 1st Wednesday of each month starting at 5pm.  This is an awesome place to go with little ones!!!

Does Target have a gift registry and are what are the benefits?

Target does offer a gift registry for baby, wedding, home etc.  I have heard of some people getting a free gift once they enroll but I believe that is based on different promotions so you may or may not get any freebies when you register.  To use or update the on line Target gift registry call 1-800-591-3869

Is it really possible to get items for FREE at Target?

Absolutely!  We have 2 huge bins FULL of things we have obtained completely FREE from Target through coupons.  Every little bit saves money for your family so you can spend money on the things that matter to you most – family and FUN! Click here to see our weekly Target bargains! 

Helpful hint: If you can get an item for FREE then BUY IT!  If you will not use the item consider donating it to the local food bank or your favorite charity but NEVER turn away an item with coupon overage!

What about the Target Credit Card?

Target does have a credit card they call the “Red Card” there are several benefits;

  • 10% off day when you open a new account (good idea for large purchases!)
    You get points, when you reach 1,000 you get another 10% off coupon!
    Target Pharmacy Rewards – after 10prescription have been filled you get a 10% off coupon
    5% cash back on your Target purchases when you use the Red Card! (I use a rewards visa but you may like to use a Red Card – up to you)
    Target donates 1% of your purchases to the school of your choice

Another benefit to the Target credit Card – Red Card, is that Target occasionally mails coupons and promotional things out to its customers that possess a Red Card!  If you have questions and want to speak with someone further about the Target Red Card call 1-800-755-5856

Does Target have an e-mail program to offer additional discounts?

Well they do offer e-mails to inform you of their weekly sale circular.  Target also has a sign up (FREE) for e-mail alerts for “additional savings.”  Click here to sign up for Target e-mail newsletters.

Is there a pharmacy and what are the benefits if any?

Target does have a pharmacy that offers $4.00 generics for certain drugs but the thing we like best is when Target puts out a coupon for a $10.00 Target gift card for any new or transferred prescription.  We have taken advantage of this many times.  The coupons are in the weekly sale circular.  I think they seem to come out about once every 6 to 8 weeks.

Does Target allow price matching with sale circulars from a competitor like Walgreens or Walmart or Safeway?

Yes!  Target does  allow price matching like Walmart, Staples, & Office Depot!

Is there anything else I need to know about Target to save BIG?

We recommend keeping a copy of the coupon policy with you when shopping at Target just in case you come in contact with a new cashier that isn’t aware of their coupon policy.  Don’t be afraid to politely speak up for your savings!  If you are planning a price match be sure you are purchasing an identical item and that you have the complete sale circular for the other store and that the store is within a 15 mile radius of Target.  They will not honor “timed” sales like door busters or liquidation events.

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