Social Networking

Social networking is the communication of today and the future!  It brings together people to specific groups similar to how neighborhoods and communities bring people together.  You can share ideas, give advice, develop friendships, find a business, and everything in between.  Social networking allows you to pull from a more diverse group of people from all over.  This is what allows Family Frugal Fun to find deals everywhere. 

We can be found on Facebook and Twitter.  If you wish to share any of our deals on social networking sites, simply click on the link at the bottom of the post.  With Facebook you can create your own page and become a fan of Family Frugal Fun.

Twitter allows Family Frugal Fun to post small tweets to inform you of the latest offerings that are FREE, Fun or CHEAP!  You’ll want to follow it!

You can also find Family Frugal Fun on You tube here.  You’ll find informative videos there that help shoppers make this switch to couponing in their every day lives.  Many shoppers save over 50% off of their weekly grocery bills.  It is not uncommon to find a family saving 75% or better with coupon tips and ideas from our site.  We do it every week!