S’mores Dip Recipe – Its like a S’mores Fondue

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Have you heard yet that I’m a s’more addict! 😉 This is such a fun recipe for s’more dip!  Its super easy and delicious and kind of like a s’more fondue! So if you can’t head out to the camp fire for traditional s’mores then bring your s’more indoors! Pin it! (PINTEREST)

This would be so much for for a sleep over with a bunch of kids where you can’t go outdoors to camp so you bring the camping theme indoors!

Smores Dip Ingredients image 168x300 Smores Dip Recipe

Here are the ingredients your need for your Smores Dip Recipe:

1 container Creme Marshmallow
1 bag Hershey Chocolate Chips
1 Can Sweetened Condensed Cream

Place chocolate chips and condensed cream in a microwaveable container and lightly melt, then stir until creamy looking.  Once creamy drop creme marshmallow spoonfuls on top of chocolate and light mix into the chocolate so it looks like marshmallow swirls into the chocolate (check out my photo)

Serve with graham crackers or Nilla Wafers!  The photo above is a 1/2 recipe. We used that for 4 of us and has it with the kids to have some inside camping imaginative fun one night!

If you’d like a mix of indoor and outdoor s’mores then you’ll want these great s’mores gadgets for your camp fire.  They work and they make s’more really easy!

Smores maker Amazon image Smores Recipe: York Peppermint Patty Smores

S’mores maker – Just $14.95 on Amazon!

Roasting forks 150x150 Smores Recipe: York Peppermint Patty Smores

S’mores roasting sticks on Amazon – Set of 4 just $7.95!

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