Printable Chuck E Cheese Coupons for Family Fun

Chuck E Cheese App

I have some great printable Chuck E Cheese coupons for ‘ya. You know Chuck E Cheese is one of my favorites places to take the kids. When we’re at Chuck E Cheese we can just have fun. I don’t have to worry about the kids having perfect manners, being quiet so as not to interrupt the couple having a date at the next table over and the kids love it. They have a nice salad bar for the moms (and kids if you can get them to eat it ☺) and my kids love their pizza.  Its a good place to have a play date with a friend too.

So with these printable Chuck E Cheese coupons I’m going to get the unlimited Salad bar for $5.99 and the rest of my clan can have the pizza! Enjoy and be sure to say “hi” if you see me there! ☺ Oh, and don’t forget about the new Chuck E Cheese app! How cool is that?

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