How to Understand the Target Clearance Schedule

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Target Shopping Cart with woman and packages 287x300 Target Clearance: Target Clearance Schedule & Target Clearance Deals

If you want to know about Target clearance then you’ll want to read this article about  the Target clearance schedule and Target clearance deals.  I really like shopping with Target – the stores are clean, the have a pharmacy, the prices are reasonable and best of all

target logo2 Target Clearance: Target Clearance Schedule & Target Clearance Deals

I like Target clearance! Target is always bring in new merchandise so that means when a manufacturer changing packing or any number of things – clearance. Yes Target clearance is awesome!

Lets start with Target holiday clearance finds.  The day after a holiday Target marks those item on clearance at either 40% or 50% off.  Somewhere between 4 & 7 days later Target will increase those percentages for clearance to 60% to 70% off.  This is a GREAT time to pick up items for birthday presents, holidays, teacher gifts etc.  Advance planning is the key to frugal living.  For instance, right after Christmas when gifts are on clearance, this a great time to pick up gifts for winter and spring birthday and wedding gifts and end of year teacher gifts.  You may even like to purchase Target after Christmas clearance clothing for next year too.  If you make a habit of doing this each year you’ll always have new clothes that are festive and seasonal.

Now lets move on to every day Target clearance finds.  Target places things on clearance every single week so that they can bring in new products and the latest, greatest items. Well according to a recent new article which appeared on Yahoo news, this is the Target markdown schedule.

  • Monday: Baby items, children’s clothing, , electronics, & office supplies, (including stationary) and gift wrap
  • Tuesday: Domestics, women’s clothing, home decor
  • Wednesday: Toys, men’s clothing,  food, garden (seasonal) health and beauty
  • Thursday: Shoes, housewares, lingerie, sporting goods, luggage items/travel
  • Friday: Jewelry, cosmetics, , hardware, automotive, home improvement

Target toy clearance July 2012 Target Clearance: Target Clearance Schedule & Target Clearance Deals

Target clearance items are generally found on end caps in your local Target.  These are not end caps facing main aisle ways but end caps that are facing walls or other departments.  Now lets move on with how you can read a Target clearance tag.Purell on clearance at Target image 204x300 Target Clearance: Target Clearance Schedule & Target Clearance DealsTarget clearance tags are in red (as seen above in my photo). There is a way to read the clearance tag to know where the product is in the Target clearance cycle.Target clearance tag Target Clearance: Target Clearance Schedule & Target Clearance DealsLook at the Target clearance tag above.  If the tag numbers end in the number 8 then this item still has the opportunity to be market down further.  Once the tag ends in a 4, like say $9.44, then that is the lowest that this item will go for.  Seasonal items will frequently go to  70% to 90% off however other items like furniture and electronics generally are only discounted 15% to 30%.And this little secret about Target clearance is my favorite.  Did you know that after Target sends items to Goodwill stores that don’t sell on clearance?  Just a few weeks ago I noticed the dollar spot (in the front of all Target stores) had a 50% off clearance.  Well the items that didn’t sell out went to my local GoodWill (check local listing for a GoodWill near you) and I was able to snag those items for just 10¢ at my local GoodWill.  I scored tons of back to school goodies, lip gloss and stickers all for just 10¢ each! Stock up time! Ding, ding, ding! 

Don’t forget that you can use your Target Red Card on all purchases and get 5% back.  That is a nice little perk. Plus, if you make purchases on line at Target with your Red Card, you’ll receive FREE shipping. Sweet!

Each week Target changes their promotions and offers. Check them out for bargains! And I love Target on line clearance.  You can “sort” it low to high to find the lowest priced item.  Oh and if you’re not receiving Target Text couponsthen you’re missing out! A great place to start your holiday shopping!  To check for the latest in store Target bargains from week to week click here.

We’ve created a 2013 Frugal Living Planning Calendar to help you stay on track month by month. Frugal living is about spending money on things in life that are important to YOU, not on bills & groceries! Plus, we’ve included 2 bonus pages on Meal Planning & Gift Spending

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