How to Get Macy’s Text Coupons

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Do you want to know how to get Macy’s text coupons? You may want to sign up before the holidays so you can save on gifts! (FREE to sign up!) 

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Ahhh.  FREE Gift card offer to and Target coupons & now  Macy’s text coupons you can score via ShopKick! Never heard of ShopKick? Well you’ve come to the right place to find out about text coupons. Its a must for your holiday shopping (and  year long shopping too!)

Shopkick is a fun interactive app that gives you “kicks” on your Smart Phone, which are reward points that allow you to score all sorts of goodies and discounts like free movie tickets and gift cards, just to name a few. The popularity of this app is growing rapidly and its now featuring some major players like Best Buy, Target, American Eagle and Macy’s just to name a few.   You can receive your “kicks” just for “checking in” from a Shopkick sponsored location or for scanning a bar code to a specific item in a store.  This app is fun, interactive and EASY to use!

Right now, Shopkick has a promotion where you can snag a $25.00 gift card  when you enroll.  I’ll list the steps to obtaining the gift card and be sure to follow them specifically. Here are the details:

1) Sign up on line with your basic info like name, address, phone and email

2) You will then receive a text message after you’ve enrolled

3) Click the link in the text message to download the app

The gift card will then be “dropped” into your account the first time you do a “walk-in” (a “check in”)  to a partner store.  In simple terms, you walk into one of the many partner stores.  You can do this at Best Buy, Old Navy or Crate and Barrel (or any of the other Shopkick partners). Then, open the app inside at the entrance and wait a few seconds – the points will get credited and so will your gift card! The gift card will appear under the “me” tab and should be pretty instant. Pretty good deal isn’t it?


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