How to Get Cash Back for Coupons at Walmart

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How to get cash back for coupons at WalmartHave you ever wondered how people do it? They actually walk away making money when using coupons. I know its hard to believe but there is a way to get cash back for coupons at Walmart! If you’ve attended one of my frugal living seminars then  you already know how its done….. But for those of you that haven’t you’ll want to read this article.

Have you ever heard of coupon overage? If not then let me explain. Coupon overage is when a coupon is released and the value of the coupon is HIGHER than the shelf price of an item. Let me give you a visual example.

Cash back for coupons

Poise at Walmart $2.97
Use the $3./1 coupon for Poise from the March 10th, 2013 Sunday Newspaper Smart Source Inserts
= +3¢ Cash Back!

Now 3¢ may not sound like a huge amount of money to you right now but remember, you just purchased a product and someone paid YOU to take it out of the store. There is no other store in the United States that has a policy to offer CASH BACK for coupons except Walmart. You may be saying to yourself “well that is a great example” but how much does this really happen?”  Well really quite frequently. Let me explain…..

When a manufacturer releases a new product they’ll frequently release a high value coupon to entice consumers to purchase the new product. Its a well thought out marketing plan to hopefully get YOU, the consumer, to become brand loyal. Then, next year or the year, after those high value coupons which make the product completely FREE with coupon overage, will never been seen again once that particular marketing campaign has ended. You may still find coupons for the product but they’ll likely be $1.00 off of 2 or maybe even $1.00 off of 1 but the days of $3.00 off of a product that only costs $2.97 on the shelf Walmart will be gone.

Let me give you a short lesson in couponing 101 so you understand why Walmart benefits from coupons. As consumers everywhere redeem coupons at Walmart (and all stores) there is tiny print for coupon redemption on the coupon itself.  It usually states an address and guidelines for redemption. Once redeemed by the retailer, Walmart will be paid 8¢ above and beyond the face value of the coupon for accepting the coupon.

So as you can see there will always be new opportunities to get cash back for coupons at Walmart as manufacturers bring new products to market each month.

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  1. Kacee says

    Every time I have gone into Walmart, for this specific purpose,(get my item and collect overages), they have told me that they don’t do that; give cash back. Are the tellers just not educated on the policy, or am I doing something wrong?


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