How to Feed Your Family for $50 a Week

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How to Feed your family on $50 a Week

There are many new couponers on Family Frugal Fun and I thought it would be helpful for some local families to hear what I am planning to snag at the grocery store this weekend! There are many weeks that I feed my family of 6 for just $50 a week!  There are some weeks that my budget is $75 and once in a while even $100 so if you want to know how a family can save on groceries be sure to watch my video and read below to see how I do it!

I get 4 Capital newspapers on Sundays delivered to my home for 50¢ each (that is a savings of $1.00 per paper since they are $1.50 at the newsstand).  However, I also ordered extra coupons a couple days ago (on Wednesday) because the sales that have started at ACME are sooooo good this week for my family. (Coupons by Dee De) I’m also going to stop by Giant whjen I’m passing by.  Remember I already have a stock pile so I’m just maintaining my stockpile.  If you’re a new couponer you may wanna snag some other bargains too.   I suggest building a stockpile of food & toiletries until you have a 6 month supply.  Since most families cannot afford to put away a 6 month supply of cash in the bank to pay bills in case of emergency it makes sense to build a small, reasonable stockpile of foods and toiletries.. So here’s what I’m planning to snag

acme logo

See ACME Coupon matchups here (we match up coupons with the sales each week)

‘From the Spotlight Savings;

10 French’s Mustards (they’re 99¢ & with my coupon doubled they’ll be free)
10 Welch’s Jelly’s (they’re $1.49 but free once my 75¢/1 coupon is doubled)
5 Duncan Hines Cake mixes @ 75¢ each (these can be used for cookies too – see recipe here)
5 Lipton Tea Bags @ $1.69 (coupon for 40¢/1 will be doubled to 80¢)
9 Barilla Pasta Boxes at 42¢ each (these is a $1/3 coupon in this Sundays paper)
1 French’s Brown Mustard at 49¢
= $10.05 for everything above! 

Then I’ll also snag

8 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauces at 50¢ each (coupon for $1./2 is in the 5/19 SS)
2 Watermelons @ $3.88 (and if they seem really small & Walmart or Target has them larger I’ll price match for theirs! Lol ☺)
4 Colgate Toothpaste @ FREE with doubled coupon
= $11.76 for the above

Total for ALL at ACME this week = $21.81 GREAT DEALS!

giant logo

Next I’ll stop by Giant or if I run outta time with the kids while I’m out I’ll price match at Target or Walmart (if they carry these but I think they do)
7 Luigi’s Italian Ice Box of treats @ 67¢ each (there is a $1. off coupon) = $4.69 then I’ll get the bonus 300 points and get 30¢ off each gallon of gas when I fill up!

I’m also planing to snag some (see Giant coupon match ups here, we match up coupon each week with the sale circular)

Sugar $2.29 4lb bag
2 Boxes Kool Aid Jammers (makes each juice pouch just 19¢ each & I’ll keep them in a cooler in my car so I don’t have to stop for drinks while out with the kids)
4 Heinz Ketchup @ $1.49 each (25¢/1 coupon in the 5/19 SS doubles to 50¢)
= $12.01

Now I already have tons of chicken breast when it was on sale 2 weeks ago at ACME for $1.99 for boneless-skinless so I’m not in need of meats. The total for both stores is $33.82 so that leaves plenty left over for more fresh vegetables, salad stuff etc to keep my budget this week at around $50.00 for my family of 6. Now remember I already have  stockpile from couponing but this is how I keep up my stockpile.

This week I’ll make BBQ chicken, chicken on the grill, Peanut Butter Jelly sandwiches, Spaghetti but with boxed noodles (the Barilla box noodles that are on sale at ACME) instead of regular spaghetti noodles & we still have some ham & hot dogs in the freezer and 1 package left of ground beef.  I purchased those things in larger quantities when they were on sale too!  What you don’t want to do is wait until you “need” something because then you’ll be willing to pay full price. Purchasing items in advance when at their rock bottom lowest sale price is the best way to stock up and save.

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