Coupon Basics

if you’d like to learn coupon lingo then you’ve come to the right place! ☺

Sunday newspaper coupon inserts:

PG – Proctor and Gamble coupon insert in your local paper
RP – Red Plum coupon insert in your local paper (or print Red Plum coupons here)
SS – Smart Source coupon insert in your local paper
GM – General Mills coupon insert in your local paper

Stores that allow Coupon Stacking

Rite Aid
Publix (grocery store)
Safeway (grocery store)
ACME (grocery store)

Stores that allow Price Matching

Target (see Target store guide)
Walmart (see Walmart store guide)
Staples and Office Depot
Lowes, Home Depot

Helpful hint: Price matching can save you valuable time and it’s easy! If you only have time to make 1 trip to either Target or Walmart for example, and you see items on sale at another store but you don’t have time to stop then bring your sale circular from that store and price match. You just pick up your item and take it to the cashier for check out just like you would the rest of your groceries/products. Before the cashier scans that item inform him/her that you are doing a price match with X store (Walgreens, Safeway, Toys R Us etc) and show the date of the sale circular and the item on sale. It must be the exact same item for the price match Most stores won’t price match door buster sales generally (timed sales), but they will gladly price match to a weekly save circular. It’s an easy way to save valuable time! See our store guides for further helpful shopping ideas. (located at the bottom right side bar of this blog)

Stores that will accept Competitors Coupons

Office Depot
Office Max
Publix Grocery Stores – some stores may vary