Extreme Couponing – It can Change Your Life

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I’d like you to meet Amy!  She lives in Jacksonville, FL and follows FamilyFrugalFun.com faithfully.  Since Amy and her husband Charles started couponing they have paid off over $13,000.00 in debt.  Amy & Charles are Christian Extreme Couponers and have developed a huge stockpile of food and personal care items and they donate regularly to non profit organizations.  It all started with Dave Ramsey, Christian financial guru.  When they made the decision after watching him night after night to pay off all of their debt they found a VERY expensive financial class outlining how to pay off debt.  A small portion of the class talked about savings with couponing and the rest is history. They decided to learn how to become extreme couponers. They are close to paying off all of their debt and couponing has become their hobby.

Ask yourself what you’d like to do with all of your savings?  Do you need to step up your couponing a bit to inch into the 75% savings area?  Are you in need of a seminar from Family Frugal Fun so you can shorten your couponing learning curve?   Do you have financial goals set? Are you squandering away your savings instead of having a plan for the $money?

Extreme couponing – It will change your life!

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  1. Viounett Vega says

    My husband is been sick for a year and he can’t work. I just lost my job with the State of Florida. I only receive small amount of money from Social Security for my disability, also I receive 126 of foodstamps for me and my husband. I just started couponing, but I haven’t got all the savings I need to be able to pay for the mortgage that is right now behind. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can you please help me?

  2. Stephanie says

    Hi Amy,

    I read your story and I have recently decided to start couponing for myself & family. I live in Jacksonville, Fl as well & I have some questions for you. If you can, please email me at your convince.

    Thank You!


  3. Ashley says

    I’ve been trying to learn how to do this, but it seems no matter how I read it doesn’t help. Can anyone help me. I’d love to come out of a store spending under 100.00. With a new baby on the way our small family of three needs all the help .

  4. Kiiash says

    I am very interested in Couponing. I am Unemployed Single Mom of 5 . Are there any classes available. Please help!
    I await you response.

  5. says

    Hello! I’m in Maryland however my partner is in Florida and she may be able to put together a coupon class for you if you can get a group of people together. In the meantime head over to the Family Frugal Fun YouTube page and try getting some visuals on how to live a frugal life and read through the articles on FamilyFrugalFun.com

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