DIY Bath Tub Paint – How to Make Kids Bath Tub Paint


If you want the kids to have some fun in the bath tub then you have to check out my easy recipe for kids bath tub paint! Take just 5 minutes to make and costs less than 50¢! Be sure to Pin it on PINTEREST~

Kids bath tub paint recipe


Shaving Cream (any brand)
Food Color

Just mix some shaving cream with a few drops of food dye, mix and have fun in the bath tub. We mix up several colors at a time and use a cup cake pan (seen above) but you can use anything you like. As long as you only use a few drops there’s no residue from the food color and its lots of fun! Use common sense and always watch kids around water and slippery surfaces.

Do you like living a frugal life? Watch my video on reusing containers!


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