Christmas S’mores Recipe

Christmas S’mores Recipe

I just love the combination of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow! There’s just something about it that is a comfort for food me.  Well last week I was invited to an open house then when I was in church Sunday morning I hear the invitation again with a “food is welcome.” Eeeks…. 2 hours until the open house & in my book when I hear “food is welcome” means I’d better come up with something…. FAST! 

So a quick accounting of food stockpile, an inventory of my time, the spark of creativity with the season of Advant upon us left me with the idea of these fun Christmas s’mores. My 3 year old daughter was helping me along the way which is what inspired this fun and delicious seasonal treat.

Christmas S’mores Recipe Ingredients;

Graham Crackers (like Nabisco)
Chocolate chips or Wilton chocolate candy melts
Wilton Red candy melts
Wilton Green candy melts
Kraft mini marshmallows

Melt your chocolate (microwave method or double broiler method is fine) and cover your graham cracker (one side only) in chocolate.

Place on parchment paper (to keep from a sticky mess)

Add Kraft mini marshmallows while the chocolate is still “wet”  Repeat.

Melt your red candy melts and then drizzle on the chocolate & marshmallow squares

Melt your green candy melts and then drizzle on the chocolate & marshmallow squares

Allow time to set (or place on a cookie sheet in the freezer for just a few minutes if you’re in a hurry like I was to get out the door)

Pop in your Wilton Carrier and  – on your way to the party with everyone raving about your one of a kind creative & seasonal dessert!

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