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Want an easy and fast way to get chik Fil A coupons?

I received a text message  for a FREE  Chicken sandwich with a milkshake not too long ago.  I’m signed up for text coupons with my local Chick Fil A in Easton, MD but you can check with your local Chick Fil A to sign up.  Just think about it….  If you have teens or a hubby signed and you all receive the text coupons, that is a pretty cheap dinner!.  I get text coupons anywhere from 1 to 3 times per month and they are always different.

My husband and I have cell phones and so do our 2 oldest teenage boys so that makes 4 FREE Chicken samndwiches for my family – Definitely worth the trip (that and not having to cook is my favorite part! LOL)  So check with your local Chick Fil A today.  If you are a local reader and want coupons for the Easton, MD store just text CFAEASASTON to the number 411247 and you’ll start getting coupons on your cell phone too!  YUM!

To sign up for National Chick Fil a Text coupons go here.  I”m signed up for local and National Chick Fil A Text coupons.  You do NOT NEED A SMART PHONE.  These text messages come without colors etc.

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If you really want to save its time to add text coupons to your frugal living plan!

Did you know that Beth and I published an E-Book on the top 100 FREE Mobile Text Coupons and our 3 favorite shopping apps?  There’s money to be saved right from your cell phone!

That’s right and you can buy it for just $2.99 now on Amazon and load it right to your book reading device – Like Kindle!  Or… if you are a member of Amazon Prime the book is FREE! We searched high and low for GREAT text coupons that are FREE for restaurants, retail establishments, grocery stores and much more…..  Add text coupons to your over all frugal living and savings plan now!  So far our book has several 5 star reviews!!!!!!  I know several of you have already checked it out and we want to say thanks!  E-coupons are really the wave of the future of coupons!  Don’t be left behind!  We go over what they are, how to use them and what you’ll save!

Are you living a frugal life? Watch my video on re-using containers!

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