Raw Dog Food Recipes


What a day it has been, running the kids all around town for various activities, assisting them with their homework, cooking dinner and planning for tomorrow’s madness all over again…whew!

As parents, we all know how crazy things can be keeping up with the demands of family, when it comes to filling the pantry it is easy to walk the grocery aisle just grabbing the great deals we see or items we have coupons for all the while reaching for the same products we always grab out of habit including our best friends “Big Bag” of Dog food. After all he is a dog right? Dogs will eat anything, won’t they?

A while back a friend of mine who [Read more...]

FREE Dog Food Coupons

Printable Dog Food Coupons

Every week I like to get out a post on printable dog food coupons.  I’m a BIG dog lover and I know how important it is to save on dog food.  We have a beautiful Siberian Husky.  My son saved his money from his birthday and Christmas for almost 3 years to be able to purchase her.  In my dog food coupons round up I’ll also post dog food snack coupons too. ☺ [Read more...]