Back to School Breakfast Ideas – How to Bake Bacon

Tired of frying bacon and it taking a long time to fry up just 1 little pound of it? Well let me show you how I now save time and (grease burns too) by baking bacon in my oven at home. It’s simple and it’s no mess because I 1st line my pan with aluminum foil so when I’m all done baking the bacon I just throw it away. I also like it because it save so much time – it’s takes quite a bit of time to stand there and fry all that bacon but now I pop it in the oven and I walk away until it’s done freeing me up to make other things or take care of the kids. Perfect if you want to make a hot breakfast for kids kids with the back to school season upon us!  

Back to School Educational Games & Toys

Back to School Educational Toys and Games

Start off right with educational back to school toys and games

Nothing whispers September like the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil.  And while parents may be quietly relieved that summer mayhem is about to give way to more structure for the kiddos – remember they still need to have some fun.  In fact, the best kind of learning happens when the fun center of the brain is on.  Since there’s less time to hang out them as school begins, here are some  educational back to school toys and games that will maximize the fun with the brain turned on. [Read more...]

Back to School Outfits

Back to School Outfits

How to be the Cool Mom when choosing back to school outfits

I’m not going to lie, keeping up with your second-grader is hard these days – not to mention your tweens and teens.  But I’m still hip to their jive and down with my homies when it comes to pulling together an outfit for school.  Here’s what to remind your strong-willed child about what’s always cool in back to school outfits. [Read more...]