Back to School Lunch Ideas & My Homemade Lunchables

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Everyone gets tired of trying to figure out what to pack for kids to eat!  Well I have found some great back to school lunch ideas for you (lots of them) to upgrade your plain old brown bag lunch this back to school season!  Suggestion: Start a “back to school ideas” board on Pinterst, pin these, and get inspired to be different! Make food fun & never have a lunch rut again! ☺

I have some photos and easy recipes for you below but here are some ideas to liven up your every day brown bag lunch:

Change out your breads!  Consider these instead:

Flour Tortillas for wraps
Pita Pocket Wrap
Crackers (for tuna or home made lunchables!)
Taco Shell

For your Veggies:

Carrot sticks
Sprouts on your sandwich
Celery sticks
Sweet Red Pepper Sticks


Apples  – If you’re sending apple slices then cut an orange or tangerine and drip the juice over the slices

Homemade Lunchables Recipe:

Ok – and here are some photos of how I made my back to school lunches with homemade lunchables!


Use your child’s favorite cheese – We prefer provolone but you can use any cheese.  I found an object in my kitchen that was the same size as the crackers (it just happen to be a sports bottle top) and I used that to cut around. I prefer Ritz crackers – they have a nice buttery taste!

After I cut out my rounds with the cheese, then I cut them out with the ham (or turkey or bologna or whatever you like) Then I used a sandwich baggie (like Ziploc) to place them in so they could go into the lunch box

Here’s a fun easy recipe for a turkey Caesar sandwich!


Brown Bag Turkey Caesar Recipe

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