50 companies that will Mail Coupons to You for FREE

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How to Coupon

Coupons can shave thousands off of your grocery bill every year but not everyone wants to get the local newspaper every Sunday and snip and clip. Well I’ve 

compiled a list of the top 50 companies that will mail coupons to you. Some have an email sign up for a newsletter and coupons will come to you via their newsletter and some will mail coupons to you via the US mail system upon request. Here’s my suggestion to you – 1st, Start a new email address for your couponing venture like debbiedoescoupons@yahoo .  This will avoid you having to weed through your emails to find the coupons and you’ll never miss Aunt Jenn’s invitation for lunch because your inbox is overloaded!  ☺ 2nd, Take an hour out of your day and sign up for and request coupons from every company below. On some of the links you’ll find a contact and newsletter sign up. Go to the contacts below and have a cut and paste ready AND sign  up for the newsletter for future coupons. Here’s a sample of a cut and paste, “Hi, I’m Maggie and I’d like coupons mailed directly to my home to use your products (name product (s) if you like) My address is X.”

Keep saving – it’s something you’ll never regret and will free up funds so you can do this important things in life with your family.

  1. SC Johnson
  2. Perdue Chicken (sign up here get HIGH value chicken coupons)
  3. Duck Brand Tape (E-mail & request coupons)
  4. Kraft First Taste Promotions
  5. McCormick’s Coupons (spice manufacturer) Consumer_Affairs@mccormick.com, or call 1-800-632-5847
  6. Campbell’s Soup Company
  7. Hormel 
  8. Pepsi Company
  9. Pinnacle Foods (Vlassic, Celeste, Aunt Jemima etc)  *Contact info to request coupons*
  10. Odwalla Company (drinks) Email request to consumers@odwalla.com
  11. General Mills Coupons (Betty Crocker, Pillbury, Box Tops for Education etc)
  12. Mars Brands (M&M, Wrigley, etc)
  13. Pepperidge Farm
  14. Ben & Jerry’s (Ice cream)
  15. Heinz (ketchup)
  16. Ocean Spray (beverages)
  17. Smucker’s (Jams and Jellies)
  18. Land O Lakes (butter)
  19. Hershey’s (chocolate)
  20. Utz Chips and Snacks customerservice@utzsnacks.com
  21. Kellogg’s Coupons
  22. CocoCola Company
  23. Dean Foods DeanFoods@CaSupport.com
  24. Barber Foods (stuffed chicken products)
  25. Birds Eye (frozen veggies)
  26. Apple & Eve (beverages)
  27. Bigelow (tea-beverages)
  28. Angel Soft (toilet paper)
  29. Cheeze Its (snack crackers)
  30. Crest (dental products)
  31. Almond Accents (for salads etc)
  32. Earthbound Farm (organic foods)
  33. Driscoll’s (berries – fresh produce)
  34. La Yogurt (yogurt) email request info@johannafoods.com
  35. 4C (beverages)
  36. Bertolli (Italian food products) Contact, coupons already on their site
  37. Benadryl (itch cream & allergy products) Contact, Newletter sign up for coupons
  38. Cape Cod (chips/ snack food products)  Contact, newsletter sign up
  39. Chobani (yogurt) contact & joint newsletter sign up
  40. Cooks (meats) contact, newsletter sign up 
  41. Gerber (baby foods & products) Contact
  42. Fresh Express (salad, fresh produce) Contact (click button at bottom to opt into email list sign up)
  43. ConAgra Foods (brands like Pam, Hunts Ketchup, Reddi Whip)
  44. Kleenex (tissues) Contact, Promotions
  45. Unilever (Dove, Degree deodorant, Good humor Ice Cream etc)
  46. Welch’s (juices) Contact, Newsletter
  47. Red Rose (tea)
  48. Stonyfield (yogurt products) contact, newsletter sign up
  49. Tyson (meat) Contact, promotions
  50. Zatarains (rice mixes) Contact then click sign up newsletter in top right corner


  1. Tylenol (pain relievers) Contact, Coupons/promotions 


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  1. Janice says

    Love this idea!!! Will work on the list tonight after dinner! Thank you for your time. Nice blog too

  2. Nan says

    Where do I put my coupon request on Perdue chicken website, I joined and put my address in, is that all I have to do for that website to get my coupons in the mail.
    Do I have to request coupons monthly?

  3. addie robbins says

    got shot down by most,did get coupons from hormel,bushs beans,gerber,hefty on a complaint,silver floss sauerkraut,promises from purina,stubbs bbq sauce, sweet baby rays&zatarains,pinnacle foods and congra foods said no way,getting tighter they used to send some. also pepsi and coke said no.

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